"Not all who wander are lost."

- J. R. R. Tolkien


Be Better than Yesterday http://bit.ly/PQyU9R

- words I live by. 

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ADR would like to create a iCamera Photo Lens in order to greatly enhance the functionality of the existing iPhone camera.

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Beautiful Spa House designed by Metropolis Design

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Graffiti book by Benoit Ollive

Graffiti is often misunderstood, and it is difficult for a graffiti writer to explain what he feels about it. I have been asked by a book publisher to write few pages to explain to teenagers how to practice graffiti. After hours and hours I came to the conclusion there was nothing to teach about it except providing the tool to do it. The new generation needs to discover it by practising it 
instead of reading lessons. Rather than a long sterile speech debating on the good or bad virtues I created my own book to share my point of view through a conceptual message.

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Happy Birthday Aunt Vicki, my beloved Godmother. I miss you more and more each and every day. Love you with all my heart <3